Brett is co-owner of the IDR alongside his mum, Bev. Brett runs the store day-to-day and you may see him popping into bridal appointments or as your mother of the bride / groom stylist when you come for your appointment.

Brett also creates our window displays, runs our social media and deals with all ordering (ask him what he did yesterday and he’s got no clue but ask him what style number & size a bride ordered from 7 years ago and he will be able to tell you straight away!)



Mel is a bridal stylist who has been part of the team for 3 years. Prior to that Mel was actually one of the first brides to purchase a dress at the IDR in 2017 for her wedding in Sorrento. Mels favourite style of dress is a classic bridal look and she will be right there with your entourage tearing up when you find the perfect dress! Mel also models our mother of the bride / groom outfits (and seems to suit every, single, one that she puts on!)



Bev is co-owner of the IDR and came out of retirement to help her son Brett pursue his dream of owning a bridal store. 

For the first few years of the IDR, Bev was key in helping many of our brides find their dream dress. Even winning an Enterprise Vision Award for her customer service. In more recent times as the business has grown, Bev now deals more with the behind the scenes running of the business and assisting our seamstress Ela on fitting days. 



Lauren is a bridal consultant in the boutique on Saturdays and can be found picking out the perfect accessories to complete your bridal look (even if that’s bridal crocs for the evening do!)

Lauren is engaged and getting married later this summer so she is right there with our brides in their #BrideEra



Ela is our amazing seamstress. We have worked alongside Ela and her team for the past 7 years since we opened the IDR and in that time she has altered over 1000 dresses for our brides, mums, bridesmaids & prom girls!

As well as being a talented seamstress, Ela has been known to be an amazing councillor too and is always on hand to offer reassurance to make sure every bride leaves with a smile on her face!